“Why don’t you put your name in your blog? Why don’t you tell about yourself?” I have been asked repeatedly why I don’t share more of my story. 

I guess the short answer is that I want to remain anonymous so I am free to give honest and unbiased reviews. I want to be able to warn people about places they shouldn’t visit and praise places that I love, without any social repercussions of living in a small country where everyone knows everyone. 

I am not getting paid or compensated by businesses to promote them through my blog, everything is my own experience or my own opinion. I only write about places that I have traveled as a tourist or have actually lived. 

I am an expat that has lived mostly on the East Coast of the US, except for a year in LA. I currently live in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 

When I was researching moving to Costa Rica, I couldn’t find much current information for people moving, that is part of the reason I started this blog. To share information that may be helpful to someone wanting to move to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. When I was moving, everything was either outdated or didn’t apply to the area of Costa Rica where I was moving. So if you want to move to Guanacaste, Costa Rica, my blog may be very helpful. If you want to move to Costa Rica, but other areas, my blog still may be helpful.

I also found that I was spending a lot of time researching places when I travel. Instead of just leaving all this information in my saved emails, in word docs and saved in my google maps, I want to share it, so other people don’t have to do all the work. If you want to travel, I’ve already been birddogging around for a few years, so hopefully my travels will help you with  travel planning, travel daydreaming, planning your move abroad or notes for your bucket list.

Finding Pura Vida isn’t just about Costa Rica travel, although that is a lot of it. It is also about the search for Pura Vida or pure life, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the search for being in the moment, being present. (And nothing makes you more present that moving to another country you only know how to speak the language in  present tense.)

For me, Pura Vida is a sense of place. It’s finding a space that grounds me and inspires me. It’s about calming one’s wanderlust, or feeding it. It’s the expedition to find a place that forces me to stay in the moment, not fall behind to moments past or try to jump forward to moments in the future. Pura Vida is letting go of the things every day that don’t matter, so you can focus on the things that do. I find little bits of pura vida every day. Like when I’m stuck in ‘traffic’ that is cows in the road, or I’m looking for a parking spot, but the wild horses happen to occupying all of the parking spaces. 

When I find true pura vida I will let everyone know, until then, join me on my fun quest to find it. 

If you have hotel, restaurant or activity suggestions that you think should be added to my  website, you can contact me at TravelCurator@FindingPuraVida.com or post it in the comments on a page. I will do my best to respond to all inquiries.

Sea to Sky highway - Canada