5 Best Restaurants To See Sunset In Guanacaste

There are many good restaurants, and lots of places to see the sunset in Guanacaste, but they don’t always fall in the same location. The meandering coastline makes it so that even though you are on the beach, the sun might be setting behind a peninsula. Here are the top five best places to dine and watch the sunset.

SENDITO NORTE (CASA CHAMELEON) – The farm-to-table food at Sendito Norte is excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But at dinner, sunset is memorable. And if you’re looking down at your phone when the sun sets, you won’t miss it because they bang a gong and light the pool on fire.

Sendito Norte is in the Casa Chameleon hotel, perched on the top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, mountains and Las Catalinas. You have almost a 360 view from the restaurant. It is stunning. They don’t allow young children here (only 12 and older), and reservations are recommended.

GRACIA – Chef Frankie Becker offers farm-to-table eats that impress both locals and tourists, children and adults. Up on a hill within Mar Vista community, the wide-open panoramic view is amazing. Very kid friendly. They have a playground and a pool, so bring swimsuits and a towel.

Gracia is opening a second location in Potrero, but the one with the view is in the Mar Vista neighborhood. You can just tell the security guard that you’re going to the restaurante. Closed on Mondays.

PANGAS is in Tamarindo, right on the beach. With comfy chairs and tables in the sand, you can sit in the shade and kick off your shoes while eating from their selection of seafood/beef/vegetables and watch the sunset. Reservations are needed as they are often closed for private events. Don’t get in the river next to Pangas, there are cocodrilos (crocodiles).

COCO LOCO – Have your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand as you watch the sun disappear over the Pacific at Coco Loco’s. Very casual beach setting, great for kids. They often have live music on the weekends. Famous for their coco loco drink served in a coconut. You have to drive down an unpaved road to get here, but the unpaved part is very short. You don’t normally need reservations, and in off-season they usually close for a month or so in October/November.

LEMONADA (LAS CATALINAS) – Twinkling lights, fresh drinks, monkeys playing in the tree tops, children swinging on the bottom of trees. Under a canopy of trees you can leisurely watch the sunset. This outside restaurant creates a happy ambiance. You can even go early and work up an appetite by renting bikes or paddle boards from Pura Vida ride, or relaxing at Wake Day Spa.

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